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Cllr Peter Harman

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Peter was re-elected to Elmbridge Borough Council in  May 2024, continuing a 20 year run as an energetic and effective councillor.   

Born in Walton-on-Thames, Peter has always lived in this area.  He and his wife Diana raised their family here and they live in the centre of the Ward.  Peter has worked for British Airways for the past 43 years.

Peter's deep connection with Weybridge and his concern for its well-being is evident in the enthusiasm, energy and dedication he has brought to his role as councillor.  He has a huge fund of experience which he uses to serve the interests of local residents, local businesses, the wider Weybridge community and Elmbridge Borough.

Peter has never ducked hard decisions but will always do what he honestly considers to be the right thing.  He has the advantage that he doesn't have to look over his shoulder to a National party hierarchy.

As well as representing your interests on Elmbridge Council and on

council committees, Peter makes a point of getting around the local area, talking to people, keeping his ear to the ground, solving problems and pushing for results.  Not just at election time, but all the time 

Cllr Peter Harman
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