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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Weybridge Independents HGV Restriction Petition.

Peter Harman and Pippa Graeme are very pleased to be able to tell you that our petition for a weight limit of 18 tons along Brooklands Road has been successful in persuading Surrey County Council to reconsider its earlier resistance to the idea.

As a result of our petition, and the additional evidence we received from residents, Surrey Council has now formally responded to us.  They have confirmed in their written response to our petition that they will "undertake an informal consultation with local stakeholders with a view to potentially implement an experimental 18 tonne restriction on Brooklands Road B374 (north of junction with Wellington Way).......". The written response goes on to outline the proposed full route of the experimental restriction which would include Heath Road and Church Street, and also along Hangar Hill.  It is intended that the informal consultation will be carried out in early spring.

This consultation will be prior to any detailed design or progression of the scheme. 18 tonne weight restriction signs would initially be installed for a maximum of 18 months. The restriction will be “except for access” as it will be necessary to allow for genuine access for, e.g., deliveries to premises along these roads. They have separately confirmed to us that “except for access” would not permit vehicles in excess of 18 tons to use this route to get to and from places beyond these roads, Brooklands Business Park for example, as there is an alternative route to and from this destination..

It’s our understanding that an initial temporary restriction will be quicker to put in place than going for a permanent limit from the outset.  We will, of course, be keeping a close eye on matters and be pushing for it to be made permanent as soon as realistically possible.

Our grateful thanks go to all of the 1,227 signatories to the petition for their support.  Our thanks also to Surrey County Council for taking heed of the local voice and for the support of Surrey Cllr. Tim Oliver, our local MP and others for this restriction.

We will continue to keep close to further developments and will keep you posted.

Councillors Peter Harman & Pippa Graeme

Weybridge & St. George's Independents

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