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Election results 2023

The votes in our ward for the May election were:

  • Pippa Graeme, Weybridge & St. George’s Independents 1144 (Elected)

  • Colin McFarlane, Conservative 908

  • Gary Dean, Labour 294


There were 6,460 registered electors in our ward and the turnout was 36.5%, very much in line with the previous percentages for local elections solely for Elmbridge Borough Council.  As you may recall, these were the first elections for which photo iD was required at polling stations.   According to the Elmbridge BC website more than 99.9% of voters at polling stations brought their photo ID with only a handful not doing so. Even so, even one person unable to vote is one person too many.


Our ward has three councillors – two Weybridge & St. George’s Independents councillors and one Conservative councillor.

Across the whole of Elmbridge there are a total of 48 Elmbridge Borough councillors.

This pie chart sets out the broad composition of the council following the 2023 local elections.

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